Systema – russian fighting style

Systema (from russian Система) is russian free-style fighting style.

It is called “system” mainly because it is not just a fighting style. Vut a comprehensive moral and educational system based on “non-destructive” (the goal is to make sure your training does not hurt you or your partner). Systema develops human’s abilities on the physical, mental and spiritual level and is not based on stoping of force. But the use of force and weight of the enemy to his own loss.

This system was previously associated with Orthodox Christianity. However, after the October Revolution 1917, Systema was partially diverted from the Christian faith and military and police units such as SPECNAZ (troops of specialnogo naznačeňja), VDV (paratroopers) and SOBR (special forces of immediate reaction), even some units of OMON (strike forces) began practicing it. The system is based on natural (instinctive) human reactions and has no unnecessary rules and limitations (except moral), it is a free style. Systema is not a sport, making it usable (in real life) and effective fighting style. Also, Systema is designed and engineered to be relatively easy to learn. It is very popular within Russian special units.


Systema appeared for the first time at the 10th century. It was created in reaction for different fighting styles of the enemies. Which were threatening Russia from the north, south, east and also from west. Fights were taking place at different terrains and in different weathers (in hot spring or cold winter), with weapons (knives, bayonets, swords, firearms) or without them, the Sistema always withstanded.

When the Communists came to power in 1917, they suppressed all national traditions. Those practicing the old style of fighting could be severely punished. At the same time, the authorities quickly realized how viable and devastating the original combat system was. As a result they reserved it just for a few Special Operations Units.

The Systema has several prominent representatives:

A.A. Kadochnikov
M.V. Ryabko
S.V. Borscev
V. Vasiliev


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