Rezvani Tank is a military-style, OFF-ROAD capable SUV

The California based company, Rezvani Motors, is presenting its first off-road model and introducing it as Rezvani Tank. A representative of the Tactical Urban Vehicle category.

Rezvani Tank is a military SUV

Rezvani Motors is a young car maker founded in 2014 by Ferris Rezvani and Kam Hosn. So far, the company has only devoted to the development and production of sports roadster and coupés on the basis of the British brand Ariel, but now it also enters the off-road car manufacturer section and its new car named Rezvani Tank is amazing by its appearance.

Tank is a fairly convenient name for a monster that is very difficult to misconcept with any other car due to its appearance. Like with the Beast roadster and the Beast Alpha coupé, the Resvani Motors decided to use the proven third-party technology, which was further tailored to suit their needs.


Rezvani Tank is a military-style, OFF-ROAD SUVThe main giver of organs was Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which provided its ladder frame, body skeleton and some other mechanical groups. The power unit, in the form of a 6,4 liter eight-cylinder with 368 kW (500 hp). Which is hiding in the front, also have origin in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and is under the SRT division.

Perfect union:

The Wrangler Unlimited base technology is a guarantee that Tank will be able to handle difficult terrain. While the SRT 8-cylinder will provide above-average dynamic capabilities. That the Rezvani Motors company unfortunately doesn’t presented yet.

Rezvani Motors can then be proud of the stunning look of the car that will attract attention everytime everywhere. In the case of the bodywork, besides its lines. It is worth mentioning the other pair of doors opened opposing to the direction of travel or the possibility to order the Tank in armored version.Rezvani Tank is a military-style, OFF-ROAD capable SUV

In the interior, the dashboard reveals the origin from the car with a Jeep brand on it. But the four to five-man crew can count on a luxury leather upholstery. With a number of features that Wrangler can’t offer them. The head-up display may not be surprising. But the night vision and thermovision system are certainly not standard equipment for civilian off-road vehicles.

Rezvani Motors has valued $ 178,000 in its basic version without ballistic protection. And has already received orders for several months, even though its appearance has been unveiled just now.



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