Land Rover Discovery SVX 2018

British Land Rover is the most exquisite version of the new Discovery. SVX stands for an eight-cylinder engine, enhanced terrain capabilities, and also a production attraction.

Discovery SVX is a division of special vehicles specially known as SVO (Special Vehicle Operation). It currently produces two very interesting cars: Range Rover Sport SVR and Range Rover SVAutobiography.

Discovery SVX will become the first land rover to be produced by the SVO division. It might not be so special if cars were not completed with a considerable amount of manual work with specially trained workers. It’s just a manual production that makes these vehicles so special cars. And of course not only that. According to Land Rover data, Discovery SVX should start production in early 2018.

For dinghies and motorways

“The SVO designers took on the new Land Rover with a great deal of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for their own. Another extraordinary car was created, “says John Edwards, one of Jaguar’s and Land Rover’s executives.

The new Discovery, specifically the 5th generation, has been produced since 2016, while technically utilizing aluminum architecture. This makes the car stiff and at the same time very light. Both of these features are suitable both for off-paved roads and for curving roads at a fast pace.

In addition, the dynamics is strongly supported by the power unit used. It is a turbocharged 5 liter 5.0 liter petrol engine with 525 hp, or 386 kW. The torque peaked at 625 Nm. Such performance also requires a suitably adapted chassis. In order to meet the completely contradictory demands for excellent road and road driving performance, its designers have been equipped with detachable and hence active H-ARC (Hydraulic Active Roll Control) stabilizers. When riding out of paved roads, it will disengage, which will greatly increase the axibility of the axles. On the other hand, in fast-moving curves on the road, on the contrary, stabilizers in such a high car are very important for suppression of body tilt.

There is also pneumatic suspension to change the vehicle’s height. The shock absorbers have an extended stroke, and some of the complex axle bearings have also undergone changes. The car travels on the Goodyear Wrangler 275/55 R20 tires.

In the field, an active intermodal differential and an electronically locked rear axle differential are also available. The automatic eight-speed gearbox follows a two-speed transmission, which is therefore equipped with a reduction gearbox. Of course, the Terrain Response 2 “mandatory”. Terrain Response 2 interface has been introduced for years in the brand’s cars, allowing the driver to select the driving mode so that the car works best on a different surface.

Hill Descent Control also makes it easier to ride in the field, which makes it very easy for you to drive even very steep slopes. Vehicle guidance is facilitated by an electromechanical power steering with variable gear.

Appearance that Talks

This special car like Discovery SVO is definitely looking for an attractive exterior as well as a richly equipped cabin. Both teams of the SVO department are performing flawlessly. From the outside, the car looks similar to the machines used for Camel Trophy and G4 Challenge. There will be several special body shades. We mention the Orange Rush, which features extra bodywork, which sharply contrasts with the gray “Tectonic” paint. The roof is complemented by silver roofs (hagusy).

The complete technical parameters of the car, as well as the driving performance, which will certainly be excellent, have not yet released the British manufacturer.


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