Bears vs Cars

Bears vs Cars – Survival & Off-Road : For us, not atacked by them, the videos and images come funny. Less fun will probably come to those few individuals whose cars have actually damaged the bears.

For example, the owner of this Honda Civic. The bear caught the scent of food hidden in the car. Unfortunately, he did couldn’t get out, which scared him ¨a little bit¨. You can see the result on your own:


Another case of Bears vs Cars ended without demolition. On the other side, the bear left his “heartfelt greetings” :D


And to the good of all. In this case, the bear was calmly waiting for liberation.


And a few more videos plus. There has actually been a “robbery” :)

Caught at it:

And another intruder:

Finally, a record from one security camera :)



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